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Times have changed. Many parents can recall stories of campus security or even the police helping  a drunk student get back to their dorm room. Underage drinking has been overlooked or accepted on college campuses.  Not today, campuses like West Chester and Villanova have Campus Police Departments that are on the look out for alcohol use and abuse.  What more Chester County and Montgomery County District Attorneys offices take these charges very seriously. An Underage Drinking charge in Pennsylvania is a summary offense, but you should not confuse it with a simple traffic ticket. Underage Drinking Carries with it substantial penalties including license suspensions and fines.
You could be a West Chester University Student sitting in your dorm room when you are cited; off the road and far removed from the drivers seat of a motor vehicle but still facing a loss of your license by making the mistake of paying the fine and not fighting the charges. You need an experienced and aggressive trial attorney to evaluate your case.  Officers often will break up a party on a college campus after reporting to a noise violation, citing everyone present.  You need someone to make sure your rights are protected.  To ensure that the officers legally entered and in fact observed sufficient facts to charge you with an alcohol offense.  Our firm handles all alcohol related offenses including but not limited to:

        • Underage Drinking
        • Possession of Alcohol By A Minor
        • Purchase of Alcohol by A Minor
        • Fake ID or forged Identification
        • Purchasing Alcohol for Minors
        • Corruption of Minors
        • Trying to buy alcohol at a Bar

Your Underage Drinking citation will be heard before a Magisterial District Justice.  At that hearing the officer can present testimony which we can attack in many circumstances.  In many cases, after speaking with the officer and the judge, a trial may not be necessary to have the charges dismissed.  You may be able to complete some community service and attend a class for reduced charges which often times aren’t even criminal.  You need an experienced, aggressive attorney to help you with your Underage Drinking citation in Chester County and Montgomery County.

What if I have already pled guilty to the charges?

Don’t let a night of fun turn into a nightmare

We can help you even if you have already paid the fine or been convicted of an underage drinking citation. You have thirty (30) days from the date your guilty plea or conviction have been recorded to appeal or throw out the conviction from a magisterial district judge by filing an appeal to the County Common Pleas Court.  There are even cases when more than thirty days have passed where an appeal can be heard.  If you have been found guilty of an Underage Drinking offense, and were not aware of the ramifications in Chester or Montgomery County, contact us to discuss your options for attacking the case.

I was convicted of Underage Drinking, I am getting ready to graduate school and look for a job, is there anything I can do to get the charges off of my criminal record?

If a person is convicted of or pled guilty to Underage Drinking, he or she is eligible to seek expungement of the charge after he or she has turned 21 years of age and has completed the sentence. The expungement under this subsection of the law is mandatory, meaning a judge does not have discretion to deny the expungement petition if the petitioner meets the requirements.  If you have turned 21 and met all the conditions the court imposed on you, you should call us to discuss your options for having your charges expunged.


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