Elder Law

Compassionate Guidance: Navigating Elder Law with Expert Support

Growing older comes with evolving legal needs to protect rights, assets, and wellbeing. Our elder law team delivers customized guidance based on compassion and extensive expertise in the multifaceted issues facing aging individuals and families.

Tailored Estate Planning

Thoughtful estate planning is crucial for seniors to shape legacies and provide for loved ones. We craft customized plans addressing wills, trusts, asset distribution, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and conservatorship procedures to securely implement clients’ wishes.

Elder Law Services

Long-Term Care Navigation

We assist families in understanding and accessing care options as health needs change, while optimizing quality of life. Guidance includes Medicaid eligibility, veterans benefits, insurance coverage, reverse mortgages, nursing home agreements, and transitions to assisted living facilities or in-home care.

Retirement Planning and Protection

Navigating retirement systems can be overwhelming. We help seniors and spouses maximize Social Security benefits, pension payments, and other earned compensation through compliant timing and collection strategies. Avoiding elder fraud also maintains financial security.

Advocacy and Abuse Prevention

Seniors deserve to age with dignity and safety. We work with individuals, families, caretakers and community partners to identify, investigate and resolve instances of exploitation, discrimination, violence, or neglect through protective legal intervention. Abuse should never be tolerated.

As trusted partners, we combine legal expertise with compassionate insight into evolving capacities and realities. Collaborative support empowers families to have critical conversations and implement plans for gathering strength, wisdom and purpose in later chapters of life. Contact our elder law team to discuss customized guidance.

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