Medicaid Planning

Navigating Medicaid Planning: Ensuring Comprehensive Elder Care Support

Qualifying for needs-based Medicaid can be essential for seniors to fund rising long-term care costs while preserving assets for family and peace of mind. Our elder law team guides clients through eligibility requirements and strategic planning to access this vital safety net.

Assessing Eligibility and Spend Down Options

We thoroughly review income thresholds, asset limits, medical necessity, and state residency status to determine Medicaid qualification pathways for applicants and spouses. Where spend downs are useful to meet financial criteria, we assess strategic options to convert available resources into protected forms.

Medicaid Planning Services

Crafting Asset Preservation Trusts

For seniors with resources above Medicaid’s asset cap, specialized trusts can shelter savings they may later need for supplemental care and living expenses. We advise on structures and management procedures for these trusts to align with Medicaid guidelines for eligibility while still preserving funds.

Integration into Long-Term Care Plans

Medicaid’s benefits often cover extensive in-home assistance, adult day services, and nursing home care as health declines. We help incorporate these options into proactive long-term care roadmaps tailored to evolving physical, cognitive, and social needs while aiming to protect quality of life.

Application Preparation and Submission

We assist clients in compiling financial records, care provider orders, and other documentation essential for Medicaid applications. Guidance on properly completing forms helps mitigate issues causing delays. We also interface with Medicaid offices to inquire on pending decisions and address problems.

Appeals Assistance

If applications are denied, we fight to rectify unjustified decisions. Representing clients in filing appeals and gathering additional evidence garners approvals for this entitlement care. No eligible applicants should be forced to deplete life savings due to bureaucratic failings.

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