Veterans Planning

Honoring Service: Comprehensive Legal Support for Veterans Planning

Veterans have earned access to benefits and planning assistance through dedicated military service. Our elder law team helps clients understand and optimize the spectrum of financial, healthcare, and legacy resources available to veterans and surviving spouses. Guidance aims to thank veterans for their sacrifices.

Maximizing Health and Pension Programs

Many programs assist veterans facing service-related disabilities or rising long-term care costs. We navigate eligibility for VA pensions, disability compensation, Aid and Attendance stipends, ambulatory services, prescription coverage, skilled nursing, and more to enhance quality of life.

Veterans Planning Services

Coordination with Long-Term Care Planning

For veterans with increasing assistance needs, we incorporate VA care solutions into comprehensive roadmaps alongside Medicare, Medicaid, insurance options, adult day programs, and in-home support. This holistic planning looks after daily wellness while protecting assets.

Legacy and Estate Planning

In addition to reviewing benefits planning, we counsel veteran clients on wills, trusts, asset distribution, powers of attorney, funeral arrangements, and other estate planning tools to securely transfer legacies to loved ones per their wishes.

Asset Protection and Preservation

Certain benefits have income and asset limits, but creative planning can assist qualification without fully depleting savings veterans may need. We advise on sheltering resources within protected trusts, annuities, and transfers to qualify without compromise.

Claim Denials and Appeals

If an application for essential benefits is unjustly rejected, we fight appeals providing additional medical evidence, program clarifications, and veteran-specific advocacy. No eligible veteran should ever go without assistance they require and deserve.

With understanding and compassion, our team proudly supports those who sacrificed for national security. Contact us to discuss tailored planning that honors veterans’ commitments to family and country.

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