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Phoenixville has been around since 1732. Initially named Manavon, Phoenixville was officially incorporated in 1849. An important industrial center due to its location near the Schuylkill River and French Creek, Phoenixville was important to iron and steel, textiles and ceramics. It famously housed the Phoenix steel mill, and steel works which played important parts in the industrial revolution.

While steel production was anded in the 1980s Phoenixville has the largest recognized National Registered Historical site in Chester County. Since the 1980s Phoenixville has been reborn as an artists haven and is renowned for its many restaurants and breweries.

Phoenixville, is a borough in Chester county is governed by a mayor and a city counsel. Meetings are conducted on the second Tuesday of every month at the Borough of Phoenixville building at 351 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA. Also located on 347 Bridge Street lies the District Judge’s Office which deals with all proceedings.

District Judge’s Office

Phoenixville, PA District Judge's Office
District Court: 15-2-01|District Judge: VACANT
347 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460
Phone: 610-935-1503 | Fax: 610-935-7427

Criminal Defense DUI Pheonixville, PA

Crimes, Driving Under the Influence and Traffic cases in the borough are investigated predominantly by the 31 officer Phoenixville Borough police department located at 351 Bridge Street. Additionally, many of the surrounding townships including East Pikeland located at 1158 Rapps Dam Rd, Phoenixville, PA or Schuylkill Township Police located at 111 Valley Park Rd, Phoenixville, PA investigate crimes in and around the Phoenixville area.

If you are charged with a Traffic Citation or have a civil matter less than $12,000 your case will be heard in District Court 15-2-01. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, including Driving Under the Influence, your hearing will be held at the court at 347 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA.

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