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Downingtown PA is a borough in Chester County with approximately 8,000 residents. The median income for a household in Downingtown is $84,100 – $100,795. Downingtown is known for being on average a wealthy community. The battle of Brandywine during the Revolutionary War was fought in the area of Downingtown before Downingtown was established.

Downingtown has a great school district however crime is still prevalent to the area. DUI and drug possession is common to the area due to the younger community and the amount of money being made in the area. Since Downingtown is only 10 minutes roughly from our main office it is a convenient town for us to protect. Ryan Hyde Law is dedicated to defending the rights of Downingtown residents.

District Judge’s Office

Downingtown, PA DUI Criminal Defense Office
District Court: 15-4-02 | District Judge: Jeffrey Valocchi
231 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA 19355
Phone: 610-269-5250 | Fax: 610-269-5017

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Some violent crime charges may not seem like that big of a deal. Maybe you have been charged with Assault and battery charges resulting from a bar fight or an altercation at school. A person could be charged with domestic assault after a fight with a spouse or family member. You may think that these charges will go away or have little impact on your future. Ignoring these issues will not make them go away, a conviction could result in jail time, losing contact with your children and a criminal record that employers and the public will be able to access.

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