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Malvern is a borough in Chester County located in East Whiteland Township. Malvern is a large corporate area housing the Great Valley Corporate center. Companies such as Vanguard have headquarters in Malvern making the area very wealthy. Malvern is along the mainline and is about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and about 20 minutes from West Chester, PA.

The school district is Great Valley, which is one of the wealthiest High Schools in all of the main line. Malvern has a relatively small population of residents that is growing very quickly because of the job opportunities. This means that the town sees a lot of traffic daily opening up the gates for crimes. Traffic violations and Drug related crimes are common in Malvern making Ryan Hyde Law the leading DUI Criminal Defense Attorney for the area.

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If you are found guilty of a drug possession crime in Pennsylvania, the penalties can be quite harsh: long jail sentences, large fines, license suspensions and a permanent criminal record. State authorities can be especially vigorous in prosecuting drug violations, even at the expense of an individual’s constitutional rights. You will need the services of an attorney who will be equally as vigorous in defending your rights. You need an experienced and aggressive attorney to protect your rights.

Malvern law enforcement officials are cracking down on the delivery of drugs in their counties. Using aggressive civil forfeiture laws to take citizens homes, vehicles and money to further their causes. Worse, delivery of a controlled substance in Malvern often calls for a long jail sentence and fines.