DUI Criminal Defense Attorney in West Chester, PA

West Chester PA Criminal Defense Attorney

West Chester, PA is the County Seat for Chester County. Roughly 19,000 – 20,000 residents reside in the borough of West Chester. West Chester University is located directly in the town as well as police, and government buildings. West Chester is a very diverse community due to the tourist attractions, bars, restaurants and the University bringing in thousands of visitors each day.

Driving Under the Influence is often times a person’s first and only contact with the criminal justice system. Whether you are driving home from a family function, a work related affair or even a party with coworkers or friends, most DUIs start with a vehicle code violation. You are driving home and you see the police lights behind you. This is how a terrifying and often life changing event begins.

Specializing in DUI and Underage Defense in West Chester

West Chester is only 5 minutes from our main location making the commute very convenient. Crime is very common in the town due to the ratio of population to space. Common crimes include traffic violations, drug possession, and underage drinking since it is a popular college town. The court house is right in the center of town making our case easier to manage and making defending you a better process.

You have rights, and you need to protect them.  You need an experienced trial attorney standing next to you, someone that you can trust to handle your case and be there at every proceeding that the Commonwealth throws at you.  As both a Bucks County Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Hyde has handled hundreds of domestic cases.  His experience as a prosecutor has given him insight into how police officers and prosecutors treat and investigate these cases.  More importantly, it has given him the insight into how to make sure the Commonwealth is held to its burden.  Just because you are charged does not mean the Commonwealth can prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and you need an experienced and aggressive trial attorney to help you in your fight.